Cold creams

Cold creams for cafes and restaurants

Oasi's  develops and produces a wide variety of cold creams recipes  for cafes, pastry shops and restaurants. Coffee creams, milk creams, yogurt, chocolate, pistachio and preparations for granitas and sorbetti. Gluten-free and hydrogenated fat-free products with a wide range of different flavors to choose from.

Why choose Oasi cold creams?

Because Oasi cold cream base, adapt to every taste and consumption requirement starting from a careful selection of raw materials. The mix are prepared with particular attention to the choice of products without GMOs and hydrogenated fats, also suitable for those intolerant to gluten. Oasi's also continuously develops new recipes, evolving and always creating new products for each national and international market. It follows its partners at every stage of the purchasing process, also offering them a wide assortment of accessories.


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Oasi's produces chocolates, tea, cold creams, drinks and desserts for its customers bars, restaurants, pastry shops, ice cream parlors since 1989. The best quality and a unique taste.

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